Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Exciting News

Well Drake and I have wonderful news we are officially done with school (for the semester but saying it like that keeps me going!!) We are so looking forward to a nice vacation and some much needed time off!! Drake has one more semester and then he will have his BSN I have one more semester and then I will officially be a RN!! (That is so weird to even think about) You know when you work so hard for something and sometimes you wonder if you will ever get there!! Its crazy all the hard work you do for something sometimes it doesn't seem like it will every end. Then when you are almost to that finish line you can look back and see where you have come from and say yeah I deserve this I sacrificed a lot to be here!! I am just so gratiful for the opportunity I have had to work and go to school it has taught me a lot about life and it almost makes it that much sweeter when you make those sacrifices for it!! Well this semester I learned a lot I found the field I want to work in and I also learned a lot about myself and how I probably won't be finished with school for a while!! I have decided to continue to go on with my education but I have not made any final decision yet!! Drake of course is still planning on going NP school so we both will stay busy for a long time to come!!

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  1. When I saw this title I immedietly thought you were pregnant! See where my mind goes!! :) I was going to kick your butt for not calling me first! ;) Ps. Will you text me? I officially lost all my contact #'s when we got new phones, so I dont have yours! :( Love ya girl! Lets do lunch!